Online Will Writing – Costly in the Long Term

The concept is sound - a number of prearranged paragraphs designed to be completed on paper or online for cheap or often free. What is not covered is the cost of errors and omissions.

For example, how many free or online Wills consider digital photographs and who owns them? How many take account of trust funds for protecting assets? Of children and grandchildren or the protection of families from third parties or bankruptcy?

Every Will is required to prove there has been no undue influence to be valid and there are a number of things to consider for this. Was anyone around when it was filled in? Did anyone provide guidance or advice or assistance to complete it? Does it reflect the implications of tax? Have you chosen your executors wisely? Have you asked them?

I refer to such Wills as the “blankety blank”, of Wills – one size fits all, fill in the gaps. It’s like Have I Got News for You’s missing word (or words) round but with actual consequences for your answers.

The Real Value in a Will is the discussion around what you wish to happen.

When the Will goes to the Court of Probate, the Oath is sworn and HMRC investigate, will it stand up to scrutiny? If not it may be deemed invalid, which means your estate will be classed as intestate and distributed at the Court of Probate’s direction. Any money you have spent will be lost, along with any tax liability – and your beneficiaries may wish you had consulted a professional and qualified practitioner.

Online Will writing may be cheaper, there’s no arguing that, but it doesn’t provide the peace of mind that a full and considered service from a qualified Will-writing professional can.

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