Estate Administration

When a person dies it is necessary for someone to wind up the persons estate.

This includes dealing with banks and mortgage companies, selling property and paying off all debts. The executors may be legally liable for any errors or omissions or called upon to deal with challenges to the Will. This requires professional knowledge and skills and can be very time consuming. For those who have no Will the estate will pass under the Laws of Intestacy, and is paid out by the Crown, in a specified manner. Westminster Wills can assist with all the necessary work involved in this process.

Those who have made a Will or codicil and have appointed an executor(s), are responsible for paying any taxes, debts and collecting all the money outstanding form pension schemes, bank accounts shares and other investments.
This could include:

• Selling property – for which they are responsible and take full responsibility
• Drafting up the accounts
• Paying off all debts and establishing, collating and collecting outstanding creditors for the accounts to be drawn up before the Grant of Probate
• Providing all the beneficiaries with full details